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Our History

The BONDS protocols were first designed by our medical director Dr Amal Y Beaini in 1995, seeking to offer the option of abstinence to those who wanted this, whilst focusing strongly on minimising discomfort and aiming to shorten the usual weeks or months (or years) that it took to detox many patients.

An early version of The BONDS treatment protocols was launched as a service as part of Cygnet Hospital Harrogate. Early results were already notable and hence were accepted for publication in a leading medical journal in addiction in 2000*. 98% of patients completed the 1-week detox and 97% did not report pain.+

Of those who could be followed up, around 50% were abstinent at 12 months. After the introduction of naltrexone implants in 2006, this figure rose to 66% of patients abstinent at 12 months.*

Dr Beaini has continually improved and modified the treatment protocols over the years.

*Outcome measures recorded at a time in previous years when Dr Amal Beaini was previously providing the BONDS protocols from the Detox5 service, not The New Life Centre at Broughton. These BONDS protocols are now part of The New Life Centre at Broughton and Detox5 has closed a few years ago. Abstinence data at 12 months did not include those patients who could not be contacted or were lost to follow up