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Dominic’s Story…

What were the problems you were facing?

“I had developed a very serious addiction to a substance as a result of life threatening trauma. This left me needing near continuous surgery for over 2 years and ever increasing doses of very strong pain medication.”

How was this making you feel?
“I felt trapped in an inevitable death spiral. For a period of around 12 months I would pick up my 400mg of Oxycontin every morning and take it in one go risking overdose.

“I did this because the withdrawal symptoms which would set in over the preceding hours were so physically and mentally severe that getting rid of them was a matter of survival.”

“I knew that if I did not find the right help quickly, I would not live out the year and leave my two young daughters fatherless.”

What were you hoping to achieve when you went to seek treatment from Dr Amal Beaini?
“Freedom, some self-esteem, and above all make sure my girls got their father back.”

And what did you achieve?
“I achieved freedom from a drug that had so much destructive power over not only myself but all my loved ones who had to witness my downfall. When no other treatment provider would take me due to my medical history, Dr Amal Beaini was able to rid my body from the drug and give us all our lives back. I have not relapsed once in 8 years. Above all, my daughters have their father.”

What were your hesitations before getting help?
“My fears were based on how severe the withdrawals would be during detox and what kind of post treatment pain I would experience given all my relatively recent surgery. The team with Dr Beaini ensured that the withdrawal process was so well managed that I felt close to nothing.

“Furthermore, Dr Beaini and his team were able to address my chronic pain concerns and my pain score dropped dramatically thanks to their exceptional skills.”

Would you recommend the New Life Centre?
“I was treated with the BONDS treatment¬† protocols and these protocols are the bedrock for treatment at The New Life Centre. I would therefore recommend NLC to anybody suffering from a substance addiction and wanting to get clean.

“After I was discharged, I found out that the BONDS treatment protocols had the highest rates of successful treatments for nearly two decades. This came as no surprise to me as they were in a different league to others I had approached prior to finding Dr Amal Beaini and his BONDS treatment protocols.