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Drug and Alcohol Detox (14-28 days)


Dual Diagnosis

Mental Health Programme

Relapse Prevention Programme


The Stages

Stage 1

14-28 day detox delivered at The New Life Centre at Pasture House. 

Stage 2

Our Relapse Prevention Programme delivered to the patient over a 12 month period whilst at home and encompasses patient recovery. The core principal behind a recovery programme from home is to provide the patient with the opportunity to enjoy a return to family and professional life whilst being supported by talking therapies and medical relapse prevention techniques.

14-28 Day Detox

Your journey to recovery begins at our inpatient facility within The Broughton Sanctuary in North Yorkshire. You’ll first meet the team at our purpose-built facility Pasture House for a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) assessment before your detox begins.

Relapse Prevention Programme

After a successful detox, we encourage our patients to undertake a Consolidation and Relapse Prevention programme. At the New Life Centre, we see this as a 12-month programme tailored to you to ensure we provide the best support that we can for your recovery.

Dual Diagnosis

Did you know that up to 70% of those requiring addiction treatment may have underlying mental health disorders? 

Our Protocols

When the BONDS protocols were provided by Dr Amal Beaini at Detox5 in past years, up to 66%* of opioid patients remained abstinent after 12 months compared to some published data for some other services showing 8%. We encourage our patients to undertake all three stages of treatment and we are of course more than happy to work with whatever other provider you wish to use for relapse prevention.

*Outcome measures recorded at a time when Dr Amal Beaini was providing the BONDS protocols from the Detox 5 service, not The BONDS clinic. These BONDS protocols are now part of The New Life Centre at Broughton. Abstinence data at 12 months does not include those patients who could not be contacted or lost to follow up

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Contact Options
If you don’t feel confident or comfortable to make the initial contact, a member of our team will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.
Family Support
We work with you and your family, offering a comprehensive Family Support Program. If you think a loved one may have an addiction, we are here to help.