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Programme Model

Programme Model The programme model at Pasture House will consist of three stages. Stage 1 is detox over 7-14 days (sometimes 21-28 days if complex), followed by stages 2 & 3 of Consolidation and Relapse Prevention.

The approach

We view the recovery process as a minimum of 12 months. Although there is no obligation to continue treatment with The New Life Centre after successful completion of a detox in ‘Stage 1’, we would always advise a 12 month treatment programme after detox, and we are more than happy to work with any NHS or independent providers to ensure your recovery suits you..

Being addiction free is not just about a quick detox. Our combined experience at The New Life Centre has shown us that long term success is best achieved with a treatment programme lasting at least 12 months, which is why the next stages in treatment are so important, even more so if you suffer with: