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If you are considering entering treatment for addiction, you may be wondering what exactly to expect and how our specialised services may help.

Our approach

Our substance misuse practitioners and therapy team are professionals with specialised training and integrated skills that may help in a variety of ways. For example:

  1. Addressing the addiction as well as any underlying issues or co-occurring disorders that are impacting on daily life. Our therapists are trained to assist in the identification of any other mental health problems that may be acting as a barrier to recovery.
  2. Use a variety of approaches to help us focus on changing our behaviours. It can be overwhelming thinking of how to approach changing an addictive behaviour, the therapy team can help support your steps to recovery in a caring and understanding way.
  3. Help us address problems that have arisen as a result of substance misuse, assisting to restore broken relationships and help to address issues around trust that may have fractured friends and family, as well as breaking free from old relationships that do not serve us positively moving forward.
Why Therapy?
Contact Options
If you don’t feel confident or comfortable to make the initial contact, a member of our team will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.
Family Support
We work with you and your family, offering a comprehensive Family Support Program. If you think a loved one may have an addiction, we are here to help.