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What We Treat

At The New Life Centre we treat a wide variety of addictions including alcohol, prescription medication, cocaine, cannabis and many more, as well as mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder to name a few.

Our Approach

Research shows that up to 70% of those requiring addiction treatment have underlying mental health issues, which is why our programme is tailored around Dual Diagnosis to treat any underlying causes, as well as the addiction itself. If you don’t have an addiction but have a mental health issue instead, we specialise in that too. Our specialist mental health professionals can work with you to create a personalised treatment package.

The Addictions

Drug Addiction

With an estimated 1 in 11 adults aged 16-59 years having taken drugs in the last year, as well as an increase of cocaine deaths and a 6% increase of hospital admissions related to substance misuse, addiction cannot be taken lightly*. The New Life Centre specialises in detoxing a wide range of drug addiction.

(* Office for National Statistics, October 2020,,
Alcohol Addiction

How do we know when we’ve crossed the line into problem drinking? What are the tell-tale signs to look out for, what are the symptoms of dependency and how can you get help?