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Success Rates

Since 1995, Dr Amal Beaini’s BONDS protocols have been used to detox more than 12,000 patients. 97% were abstinent on completion of the initial detox. For opiate addiction, 66% were still abstinent after 12 months*. This compares to 8-16% for some other services and as low as 2-8% for some traditional methadone programmes.
The BONDS protocols’ results were first published in 2000 in Addiction Biology and are one of only a few addiction programmes to publish outcomes and have had these peer reviewed. With proven success, we believe in transparency and will work with you towards a brighter future. *Unpublished data. Outcome measures recorded at a time in previous years when Dr Amal Beaini was previously providing the BONDS protocols from the Detox5 service, not The New Life Centre at Broughton. We are very pleased to say that these BONDS protocols are now part of The New Life Centre at Broughton. Detox5(TM) has closed a few years ago. Abstinence data at 12 months did not include those patients who could not be contacted or were lost to follow up.