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What happens after I leave

The New Life Centre understand that a detox is the first step to getting back to life.


Your care after detox is arguably just as important as the initial detox, since the few weeks and months after detox are the most vulnerable and carry the highest risk of relapse. Therefore, a comprehensive plan to stay abstinent is what we strongly recommend. Thinking about triggers in our personalities, mental health, home environment, family interactions, workplace, and our social circle is crucial to success.

The New Life Centre believe a 12-month treatment plan gives you the best chance of success, whether supported through our team working with other healthcare providers to support you. Before you leave, our team will help you put a personalised treatment plan in place to support your recovery. We split this into :

The Detox – 14-28 days

Relapse Prevention – 12 months

Outpatient follow up consultations with The New Life Centre team are generally consultant-led with doctors, mental health nurses and therapists with additional therapy sessions usually taking place alongside. Appointment times and frequencies may vary but typically a follow up consultation and therapy session are one hour each and can take place at Pasture House or virtually depending on suitability and preference.

During the first 3 months, we may recommend weekly or fortnightly appointments, but more intensive reviews may be needed. The following 9 months tend to be monthly appointments on average but again this can be tailored accordingly. On-call services can be arranged for more enhanced support with a mixture of team members to suit requirements and identify any issues

We would expect that there may be challenging situations when you get home which may lead to temptation, cravings or even substance use. Isolated incidents that are dealt with openly, honestly, respectfully and without judgment may not necessarily lead to relapse if the team is alerted and a support plan can be put in place.

Every relapse is different and by no means an admission of defeat, and we advise a positive and constructive approach to see what can be learned from the relapse for the future. This can improve the chances of future abstinence by working on areas that contributed to the relapse. The New Life Centre is passionate about practical therapy sessions to help increase your chances of long-term success. The New Life Centre team are here to help you, never to judge or criticise, and we will do our best to support you on the path of recovery. We recommend that The New Life Centre is contacted as soon as possible if there are significant challenges, vulnerability, substance misuse or relapse so that a mental health practitioner from our relapse prevention team can speak with you. This may mean an intervention is needed such as an outpatient review with The New Life Centre team or a member of the team, a medication review, a change to talking therapy, change to frequency and duration of appointments, or new inpatient treatment is needed for example. Relapse may form part of the recovery process and the most important thing is to be open and honest when it happens, access the help and support that may be needed, learn and hopefully move forward.

If you wish to continue your treatment with us, we offer a bespoke Consolidation & Relapse Prevention programme.

Relapse Prevention

After a successful detox, we encourage our patients to undertake a Relapse Prevention programme. At The New Life Centre, we see this as a 12-month programme tailored to you to ensure we provide the best support that we can for your recovery.