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The cost of the inpatient stay is a very personal affair, depending on the complexity of addiction(s) and mental health problems and also the appropriate length of stay.  We are more than happy to discuss costs with you on an individual basis.

All bedrooms are single occupancy and have luxury ensuite bathrooms, desks, flat-screen TV and picturesque views of the surrounding nature and landscape.

Unlike some other treatment centres, we provide 24 hour care from Registered Nurses and clinical support staff, with regular review by doctors including psychiatrists and specialised doctors to suit your needs. Some other centres offer what is essentially a ‘community’ detox that is only supported by unqualified drugs workers.

Bedrooms are allocated by our nursing team admission due to occupancy and availability at time of admission. Clinical need will also take priority to ensure safety and access to staff on a 24/7 basis. All clients are provided a call button to alert staff that you require assistance at any time day or night.