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Drug & Alcohol Relapse Prevention Yorkshire

Whether your detox is to be completed with us or elsewhere, our Relapse Prevention programme aims to provide you with the tools for getting back to life.

The Detox

Whether your detox is to be completed with us or elsewhere, our Relapse Prevention programme aims to provide you with the tools for getting back to life. Whether this is solution-focused talking therapies, comprehensive Dual Diagnosis treatment for both your addiction and also any mental health disorders, Naltrexone therapy, or all of these, we believe that long term success is best achieved after detox with a treatment programme lasting at least 12 months. Click on the links below to find out what services are available within our Consolidation and Relapse Prevention programme.

Mental Health

The New Life Centre offers mental health retreat services that provide a respite from daily life stresses allowing us to focus on our wellbeing in a serene and tranquil environment.

When we are in the midst of mental health challenges, it is understandable that we may become frustrated when previous assessment or treatments haven’t proven effective in getting us better. The commotion of daily life, with its distractions and demands, can work against our efforts to regain balance and control.

Outpatient treatment takes place after your detox and forms the basis of the next phase of your recovery, aiming to support you in staying abstinent. The New Life Centre encourages patients to consider an outpatient treatment plan for at least 12 months after detox.

If you are considering entering treatment for addiction, you may be wondering what exactly to expect and how our specialised services may help. Our substance misuse practitioners and therapy team are professionals with specialised training and integrated skills that may help in a variety of ways.

Naltrexone Implants

Naltrexone is an opioid blocker and can cut cravings. It works by blocking the pleasure effects of opioids in the brain. At the right levels, Naltrexone can cancel out the opioid ‘highs’ and may reduce general cravings in other addictions such as alcohol as well.

Naltrexone Injections

Naltrexone can be given by a monthly injection into the muscle (intramuscular), similar to a vaccination. Naltrexone injections are FDA approved in the USA under the brand name ‘Vivitrol’ for relapse prevention for both alcohol and opioids and have been used there for more than 16 years for but are not licensed in the UK at present. When naltrexone is used in relapse prevention for alcohol, higher concentrations are often needed in the blood as compared to opioids.

The monthly injection should provide consistently high concentrations in the blood that may help reduce craving, reduce the pleasure effects and can make you feel unwell if you drink alcohol, whilst removing the temptation to ‘miss one of your daily pills’. We do not usually use naltrexone injections but we may be able to source Vivitrol from the USA if a patient specifically requests injections and they are deemed clinically suitable. If so, they will need to be imported specially from the USA for an individual patient via the appropriate MHRA route and there is a significant cost and time implication for this. Naltrexone injections, like any treatment, can only be considered once a thorough assessment has been made with our medical team. 

Naltrexone implants may be another recommended option but for opioids only.

A new approach
Our aim is to provide a truly holistic approach to all services offered, whether this be detox, medical treatment, psychiatric treatment or individualised psychological therapy.