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Outpatient treatment takes place after your detox and forms the basis of the next phase of your recovery, aiming to support you in staying abstinent. The New Life Centre encourages patients to consider an outpatient treatment plan for at least 12 months after detox. Outpatient treatment sessions can be provided either in person in our outpatient clinic rooms at Pasture House or virtually using video consultation with your medical, therapy and nursing team. We can also work with external providers of your follow up care, whether NHS or private.

What is it?

Each outpatient appointment at The New Life Centre will usually involve a review with our medical team followed by a session of talking therapies. Treating both the addiction and any co-existing mental health disorder is paramount to maximising long term abstinence, and at The New Life Centre we specialise in this Dual Diagnosis approach to treating both addiction and mental health at the same time. The medical reviews aim to build on your medical and psychiatric treatment. The talking therapy sessions are strongly geared towards giving you practical tools to try to stay abstinent, so called “solution-focused” therapy.
What does it consist of?
Programme model

Our programme model is tailored to the individual’s needs. Our detox varies depending on whether the substance is a lone problem or is accompanied by misuse of other substances, the amount the patient is using, and if there any underlying mental health issues. The internal audits of the BONDS treatment protocols of many years have shown that approximately 70% of patients with alcohol or substance misuse also have an underlying mental health disorder. This combination of addiction and a mental health disorder is called Dual Diagnosis.

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