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The New Life Centre’s 14-28 Day Detox programme* has been carefully created to detox the body with comfort in mind.

The Detox

Whether it’s alcohol addiction or cocaine or opioids, the detox will be tailored to your needs to ensure that the toxins are removed from the body with symptom and pain control a priority, before moving onto the next stage of the programme. The detox will take place in your own private ensuite room with access to communal living and dining areas, premium TV with streaming services and healthy food for mealtimes. Our qualified staff will be on hand 24/7 providing and delivering the right treatment for your detox.

The Detox Team

Our detox team includes a consultant psychiatrist, specialised GPs in substance misuse and dual diagnosis, qualified registered general or mental health nurses, therapists, activity co-ordinators and clinical support workers. 

Programme Outline
Inpatient Detox

We specialise in detox over 2-4 weeks to make it as comfortable as possible, and published evidence shows that even an early version of the BONDS treatment programme implemented elsewhere was very well tolerated: 97% of patients did not report pain during a detox from opioids*

On the day of admission, we will begin a medically assisted detox. You will be advised of the expected detox duration at the admission assessment by the multi-disciplinary team. Towards the end of detox or on discharge, further medication may be started to support your abstinence.

*Outcome measures recorded at a time in previous years when Dr Amal Beaini was previously providing the BONDS protocols from the Detox5 service, not The BONDS clinic at Broughton. We are very pleased to say that these BONDS protocols are now part of The New Life Centre at Broughton. Detox5(TM) has closed a few years ago. Abstinence data at 12 months did not include those patients who could not be contacted or lost to follow up.


The multidisciplinary team is at the heart of all that we do at The New Life Centre. We believe that a comprehensive approach to treating our patients is more likely to lead to success than taking a narrow view to treatment. One of our fundamental principles is the use of the Bio-Psycho-Social model of assessment and care, meaning that we have a broad range of team members from psychiatrists, general practitioners, general and mental health nurses, support workers and therapists . All of these make up our MDT, the multi-disciplinary team. The MDT provides the initial assessments prior to admission, the care during inpatient detox and our outpatient 12-month Relapse Prevention Programme after discharge.

Naltrexone Therapy

In the UK, oral Naltrexone is licensed for relapse prevention in opioid-dependent or alcohol dependant patients. Opioid receptors play a role in the reward system in the brain, meaning that blocking them with Naltrexone may reduce the pleasurable ‘hit’ and can also reduce cravings in a range of addictions including alcohol dependence. One of the hardest challenges is to remain addiction-free long term, with options of oral tablets or implant depending on the requirements, The New Life Centre will consider if Naltrexone or other similar medications could support your recovery programme on an individualised basis.

A new approach
Our aim is to provide a truly holistic approach to all services offered, whether this be detox, medical treatment, psychiatric treatment or individualised psychological therapy.